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Services & Packages


All companies that send employees to the Netherlands and individuals who want to work here, will have to deal with immigration rules. You may find yourself in the middle of a labyrinth.

RSH Immigration Law Practice provides strategic counsel and customized solutions to help international businesses deal efficiently and effectively with their cross-border workforce in the Netherlands.

Relocation Assistance

Feeling at home in a country you’ve never lived in before is far from easy and will not happen overnight. Nevertheless, it will happen sooner than you thought possible if you find the right people to help you. Our consultants are very dedicated to helping international assignees and their families adjust to their new country.

Relocation services include for example school search, house search, all required registration appointments opening bank accounts, assist with the 30 percent ruling, converting driver’s license, tax advice and much more.

Expat Housing

In a nutshell, Expat Housing is meant for corporations as well as private persons. Expat Housing service looks after your property or provides services for company owned staff houses. The service includes all legal and organizations aspects.

Some examples of Expat Housing services are:
• negotiating and finalizing the rental contract;
• assisting you with the inspection report;
• managing the rental contract, including paying rent monthly;
• paying the utilities, including gas, water, electricity, internet and telephone provider;
• securing municipal taxes and housing related insurances;
• organizing the moving of furniture and/or buying of new furniture;
• repair of items;
• organizing cleaning services for arrival and/or departure.

Online Relocation

We have launched Online Relocation to meet the request of individual clients and to adjust to ever changing global mobility sector.

Online Relocation offers wide range of low cost destination services such as immigration, housing, schooling, personal taxation, social security, child birth, vehicle registration.

By purchasing Online Relocation, the client chooses flexible service where he is self in lead. The flexible service packages can be purchased individually or combined based on client’s needs.

Online Relocation services are mainly targeted to anyone who falls outside of corporate global mobility scope. These are for example individuals and families relocating independently, scientific researchers, NGO employees, employees with a local contract or individuals who do not receive full relocation assistance from their employer in the Netherlands.

On your request, all our services can be tailor-made.