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Packages overview

Child benefit

Navigating the Dutch social security system and securing child benefit can be a complex process, especially for newcomers to the Netherlands. RSH is here to simplify this process for you. Our Child Benefit service is designed to assist individuals with children covered under the Dutch social security system in applying for child benefit, ensuring you receive the support you need during your stay in the Netherlands.

What We Do

-- Assessment: We begin by understanding your specific needs in relation to child benefit under the Dutch social security system.
-- Application procedure: After assessing your situation, we collect all the required documents and prepare the application form
-- Filing application: Once we have compiled the application, we file it on your behalf. We also continuously monitor the application progress and deadlines. We ensure that you are kept informed. We also take care of additional correspondence with the social security authorities and the filing of appeals (if neccesary)

Our Efforts, Your Benefits

Our Child Benefit service allows you to leave the application procedure in the hands of our professionals. This means you can enjoy the benefits of Dutch child benefit during your stay in the Netherlands without the stress of navigating the process.

Get Started!

Ready to secure child benefit under the Dutch social security system with ease and confidence?
For more information or to request a personalized quote, please don not hesitate to contact us:

Email: info@relocation-holland.nl
Phone: 0031 70 387 17 15

With RSH's Child Benefit Application service, you can ensure that you receive the support you're entitled to during your stay in the Netherlands. Let's make this process hassle-free for you and your family.

Interested in this service?

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Interested in this service?

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