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Discover a Seamless Pathway to Your New Home with RSH Relocation Services!

Our team at RSH understands the challenges that come with relocating to a new country. Whether you are a seasoned traveler or embarking on your first international move, we are here to provide you with the expertise and support you need to navigate the Dutch real estate market seamlessly. Our comprehensive range of Home Finding Services spans three distinct packages, each carefully designed to address your unique situation.

Our mission is to make your transition to life in the Netherlands as smooth as possible. By choosing RSH, you are selecting a partner dedicated to your comfort and success in finding the perfect place to call home in the Netherlands.

Already in the Netherlands and need a new home? This Unaccompanied Package and Service offers essential support and guidance. We assist with your home/apartment search, provide property details, and realtor contacts. Scheduling viewings is your responsibility, not included in this package.

What We Do

-- We kick-start your journey by assisting you with your home/apartment search
-- Our team provides you with in-depth information on available properties and contact details for realtors

Our Efforts, Your Benefits

-- RSH invests time in meticulous market research and initial property screening, ensuring that the options presented match your preferences and requirements
-- With Package A, you will have the freedom to schedule viewings at your convenience

Planning your move to the Netherlands from abroad? Our Turn-Key Service ensures a seamless transition to your new home with a curated selection of properties, detailed property information, and expert guidance.

What We Do

-- Before your arrival in the Netherlands, RSH compiles a curated selection of properties matching your requirements and budget
-- We provide you with an overview of available properties, allowing you to select your top two preferences
-- Upon your arrival, we schedule and accompany you to view your first-choice property to validate its quality

Selection of Properties
-- You will receive a selection of up to eight properties that closely align with your criteria before your arrival in the Netherlands

Our Efforts, Your Benefits

-- Experience a hassle-free move with a curated selection of properties waiting for you upon your arrival
-- By choosing Package B, you will also enjoy the benefit of not having to pay a realtor's fee

Embarking on a journey to find your perfect home in the Netherlands is a significant step, and we understand that having expert guidance can make all the difference. Our Accompanied Service is designed for those who seek a tailored, hands-on approach to relocation, ensuring that every aspect of your move is meticulously managed to perfection.

What We Do

-- Our team compiles a selection of properties that align with your requirements and budget
-- We determine your specific needs and desired living areas, advising you on the type of property required in your situation
-- You will receive a selection of up to eight rental properties that closely match your search criteria, to the extent possible depending on availability and market conditions

Viewing Arrangements
-- We schedule and attend property viewings with you
-- Our consultant will accompany you during one full day of property viewings

Lease Contract and Check-In
-- We handle negotiation and finalization of the rental lease contract
-- Coordination of property check-in and keys handover is also part of our service

Utilities Setup
-- We provide assistance with setting up essential utilities, including internet, electricity, gas, water, television, and internet

Our Efforts, Your Benefits

-- RSH takes the lead in property selection, ensuring a smooth transition to your new home
-- Benefit from the comfort of an RSH consultant guiding you through check-in and key handover

Seamless Relocation: Your Path to a New Home with RSH Home Finding Services

Choose RSH Home Finding Services for a relocation experience that goes beyond expectations. With our trustworthy and dedicated support, you can confidently secure your dream (rental) house or apartment in the Netherlands, avoiding the pitfalls of realtor scams and unnecessary expenses. We guarantee you a safe and suitable property in a welcoming neighborhood, complete with an address/municipal registration assurance.

Plus, enjoy the added benefit of not having to worry about realtor fees when you select an RSH House Search package. Keep in mind that all our packages are fully customizable to meet your unique needs, ensuring a tailored and stress-free journey to your new home.

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Interested in this service?

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