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RSH R&I Podcast # 1 2023 | 30% Taxation Ruling in NL

February 15th, 2023

We are excited to announce that RSH will be hosting a six-episode Podcast series, during which we will be sharing valuable Relocation, Immigration and Housing insights on what to expect when moving to - and settling in - the Netherlands. During each episode a topic related expert will be interviewed alongside 7 questions.

In this first RSH podcast episode of 2023 we will be discussing a for most expats and listeners challenging topic: the 30% Taxation Ruling. What is it all about, what benefits does it represent and how can one apply for the taxation ruling? RSH Tax Consultant Liesbeth Plaisier will answer 7 questions on the topic, explaining more about this valuable tax benefit!

The RSH R&I Podcast can be listened here

Podcast host: Liam Patterson
Podcast recording and edit: Floris Hamann, Elodie Haverhalls | Podkasteel

Image by Elodie Haverhals 2023.