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RSH - a trusted partner of the global TIRA network

October 26th, 2022

In the field of global immigration and relocation there have been many sudden changes over the past years, that affect our business. From a global pandemic, heavy inflations to the war in Ukraine. These changes challenge us to adapt our business model when needed and to stay on top of the latest relocation trends as they occur. Being part of the global TIRA network - a trusted community of global relocation agencies and professionals - ensures that RSH is ALWAYS servicing from pole position.

Not only does RSH share the Dutch immigration and relocation trends with the TIRA community, the network also represents a wealth of experience and expertise that makes our business stronger. RSH founder and managing director Veronique Haverhals represents the TIRA network as a board member. In this post we share a short introduction video about the global agencies and connected board members that make the TIRA network strong and help us adapt to whatever global challenges come our way.

More about TIRA
The International Relocation Associates (TIRA) is a uniquely global network of mobility specialists with a history spanning over three decades. Originally launched as an organization of Destination Service Providers (DSPs), today’s TIRA encompasses a wide spectrum of global mobility services with members united by an unwavering dedication to quality. Through Trust, Integrity, Respect and Accountability, TIRA is rapidly becoming synonymous with “best in class” as the Leading Mobility Specialists of the World | tiranetwork.com.