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Pararius Rental Platform and RSH Launch online Expat Guide

May 30th, 2024

“The Ultimate Guide for Expats Moving to and Living in the Netherlands”

The rental platform Pararius, in collaboration with RSH Relocation and Immigration Services, is launching a new blog specifically for expats moving to or recently relocated to the Netherlands. The articles published on the English version of the platform (pararius.com) are designed to help expats land and settle in the Netherlands. As a result, the Pararius Expat Guide is now live.

"The idea of designing a blog for expats had been around for a while," says Jasper de Groot, Director of Pararius. "We noticed that expats are not well informed about the current situation in the Dutch housing market, which leads to a lot of frustration among this group. There was also confusion about how housing allocation works here. As an individual in a new country where you don't speak the language, it can be quite challenging to understand how things work," says De Groot.

Collaboration between Pararius and RSH: A Synergy of Expertise

The collaboration between RSH and Pararius was born out of a shared ambition to create the Expat Guide. De Groot: "For us, it was very important that we could help expats with accurate and relevant information. While we at Pararius know a lot about the housing market, we do not have the knowledge about how to, for example, register as an expat in the Netherlands. Therefore, we wanted to bring in an expert in relocation, and that's how things started moving."