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Investing in Dual Careers: Nurturing Partner Ambitions for a Successful Expat Journey in the Netherlands

November 22nd, 2023

The tale of an expat family often centers on the primary breadwinner, but a critical chapter remains untold—the aspirations and professional ambitions of the accompanying partner. For many partners relocating to the Netherlands, the shift brings about an unexpected career pause or redirection, a sacrifice frequently undervalued during the relocation process.

The Unseen Consequences: A Precarious Balancing Act
When the career trajectory of the accompanying partner is sidelined, the repercussions resonate far beyond personal dissatisfaction. It jeopardizes the entire expatriation venture, risking the stability of the relocated family and, in severe cases, even prompting an early return to the home country. This abrupt change leads to the loss of a valuable investment, both in terms of career growth and HR resources.

Challenges in New Horizons: The Dilemma of Career Transition
The quest for suitable employment in a foreign land presents multifaceted challenges. From navigating unfamiliar job markets to comprehending the local work culture and professional networking, the accompanying partner faces an array of obstacles. Often, these hurdles lead to disheartenment and a disconnect from the vibrant professional identity previously held.

Navigating the Challenge: Essentials for Career Transition

Cultural Adaptation: Understanding the work culture, norms, and expectations in the new country is crucial. Embracing different communication styles, work hours, and business etiquettes is paramount.

Language Barrier: Mastery of the local language or at least a working knowledge can significantly enhance employment prospects. Many positions require bilingual or multilingual abilities.

Job Market Awareness: Researching the local job market trends, industries in demand, and necessary qualifications is crucial for job seekers.

Qualification Recognition: Certain professions might require certification or validation of qualifications in the new country. Understanding these requirements beforehand is essential.