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The International Relocation Associates

The International Relocation Associates (TIRA) is a unique global network that comprises the world’s leading mobility specialists. With an established reputation spanning over three decades, today’s TIRA encompasses a wide spectrum of global mobility service providers united by an unwavering dedication to quality.

TIRA members are experienced service providers whose entrepreneurial focus enables them to exceed the needs of clients and transferees within the constraints of any budget. Each TIRA member is an independently-owned  company that offers an unbiased opinion in choosing the most appropriate solutions for each client and transferee and the high standard of service as established by the network. Members are continually monitored, evaluated and certified to ensure that they maintain the highest levels of service.

“Building on our strong history, TIRA has become the central organization that defines the intersection of local expertise and global quality,” says Claudia Rehberg, President of TIRA. “Our mission is to provide and maintain a comprehensive scope of worldwide mobility services and adhere to the highest standards of performance and quality, fostering innovation and continuous improvement among members.”

Founded in 1985, TIRA includes more than 50 offices that service more than 500 locations worldwide.

Through Trust, Integrity, Respect and Accountability, TIRA members are the leading mobility specialists of the world. Member companies provide a myriad of services including benefits consulting, cost of living consulting, career counselling, cross cultural orientation, destination services, expatriate administration, banking and F nancial services, furniture rental, international insurance, language training, legal and immigration services, pet relocation, spouse employment assistance, medical evacuation, health and medical assistance, payroll services and temporary housing.

“When you are relocating, TIRA members are available to assist with every detail,” continues Rehberg. “Our commitment to excellent service will make your transition seamless.”

TIRA, with its established reputation, is forward-thinking and well-equipped to serve the needs of the global mobility community and marketplace. Each TIRA member brings an exciting vision and breadth of new services to clients worldwide. The TIRA brand illustrates the truly committed, hardworking global network that strives to deliver quality international services in an ever-changing global environment.

TIRA—The Leading Mobility Specialists of the World—delivering quality international relocation services in an ever-changing global environment...

Quality. Perfectly Coordinated. Like Clockwork.
Requirements & Criteria for TIRA Membership
To become a TIRA member RSH had to be compliant to a strict set of Requirements & Criteria. RSH endeavours and ensures to still meet these and we expand our services when requested and repeat business for all our clients.

To give an impression, we present below the TIRA’s Membership Eligibility:

The following service providers are eligible for membership

The Membership Criteria for TIRA members to be able to meet are:

  1. The owner/senior management of the company is actively involved in the operation.
  2. The company is capable of providing the service on a national level.
  3. The below mentioned quality criteria is met:

Members are eligible upon reaching 100 Points out of the maximum of 185.