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Eura Global Quality Seal

The EuRA Global Quality Seal (EGQS) was introduced in 2008 to enable EuRA members offering mobility services to demonstrate their dedication to quality and professionalism.

Since its launch, over 120 offices of EuRA members have been accredited under the scheme across 35 countries. This revolutionary program focuses on process management across all areas of a EuRA member company’s sphere of operation, from service delivery, to internal management.

The idea behind the program was to demonstrate and enhance quality within the mobility industry and as more and more members have undertaken the process, so they demonstrate across the globe how they lead mobility service delivery.

Each year we gather together a focus group of EGQS holders along with representatives from Global 2 Management Companies and corporate clients to ensure the ongoing relevance of the program. This means that the audits reflect the most contemporary needs of clients as well as ensuring qualified EuRA members are compliant with new legislation and codes of conduct.

EuRA makes no profit from the EGQS. It is part of a portfolio of benefits available to members of the association, which itself is a not for profit organization. The fees we charge for administering the EGQS are ring fenced to fund the annual review meeting. The EGQS audit can be linked to an ISO 9001 audit, which reduces the costs when taken together. The response from members undergoing certification has been overwhelmingly positive and we are proud to have a 98.5% recertification rate among members.
Recertification takes place every two years for EGQS holders and every three years for combined EGQS and ISO 9001 holders.

The Quality Standard

The EuRA Quality Standard is the document that sets out all of the requirements to successfully achieve the EuRA Global Quality Seal Certification.

The standard is divided into 6 main sections;

Within each section are the minimum requirements for certification under the EuRA Global Quality Seal.

Included in the EuRA Quality Standard are requirements for policies that will shape and define the way a company operates, both in terms of process management and in terms of successful and high quality service delivery.

The EuRA Quality Standard is more rigorous than ISO 9001 and has been designed to truly reflect the complexity of the mobility management.